Why Tiles Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade.

Why Tiles Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade.


For Tiles, there are excellent Tiles making factories in Morbi, Gujarat, India. These are useful for wall, kitchen, bathroom or flooring of the house. These are available in the market in colorful and different designs. The choice of tiles plays a very important role in giving more beauty to our home.

Each of us has a question about how tiles are made. China total 50% + potash, soda 50% mixture. Its factories are located in an area where tile porcelain is easily accessible from the ground. This clay is first finely ground in a tile factory.

The weighing machine is the first step of this factory in which the required clay is calculated and weighed and sent to the next section ball mill.After getting the required material, the quantity is further transferred to the press machine. The glaze machine determines its thickness, length and width and converts it into a flat plate.

Next the digital machine takes a specific map and cuts it. After that it has a printer to give different color = design on it. The tile prepared in this way are packed in boxes and reach our house from the market.

Different types of tiles

Ceramic tileMarble TilleCement Tile
Porcelain TileLimestone TileGranite Tile
Mosaic TileResin tilesMetal Tile
Different types of tiles

The following are some of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to tiling your home.

  • Carefully measure the area we are going to install the tiles.
  • For example, if we were to install tiles in your 12-foot * 10-foot room, the area would be 120 square feet. Based on that, we can calculate how many boxes of tile to bring. The box of tiles comes in different shapes and nuggets. If we have a precise calculation, we can calculate the length of 12 * 8 inch length, 12 * 10 inch length, 24 * 10 inch length, 12 * 12 inch length. Don’t buy more or less.
  • Often people buy tile without a specific size. Then it happens that if the tiles fall off, They will not get the design of their choice, so keep this in mind.
  • Choose such a design when choosing tiles. It should be chosen so that its pattern does not change in the long run. It does not happen that the pattern of the tiles we put in our house looks old and we have to repent from behind.
  • Select a smooth surface that will quickly clean the tile on the floor of the bedroom, kitchen or any basement so that it stays full of dust and never prefers to look old.
  • Choose a place with dots or a rough dark color where the water is spilled or the floor is wet. Otherwise wet surfaces sometimes damage household members by slipping.
  • Select the tiles in the bathroom that do not have any special chemical effect. This is because it regularly uses chemicals such as certain types of acids in its cleaning. As a result, the surface of low quality tile becomes soft and spoils the beauty of our bathroom.
  • We have to choose a material that reduces waste and can be applied faster. Choose a smaller size tile if you have a more grooved floor.
  • Tiles are divided into three parts based on price and quality. First, second and premium, choose according to our budget.
  • Only put your tail under the supervision of a good experienced craftsman.

Room kitchen tiles

For the kitchen tiles: Be very careful in choosing tiles as there are many slippery surface liquids like oil that do not feel on your tile or choose to be easy to clean quickly. Choose a tile that does not crack when heated around the stove.

Ground floor tile: Mostly vitrified is preferred. It can withstand a lot of weight. In which the double layer is very strong. Choose ceramic or porcelain tile for the wall.

Bathroom Tiles: To keep the bathroom clean and tidy, it is important to choose the right design and color. Its cleaning is regular and chemicals like acids are used. So choose the one that doesn’t hurt.

Tiles that have taken a lot of time to choose if we have a cheap and unskilled craftsman. So at some point it is likely to drop cement or crumble.
We build a house by giving the amount deposited at the end of many years of hard work in Life. So to choose the material for it and the artisan who installs it.

This method is called grout by filling the space between the joints with a tile and applying chemicals in it. It is easy to replace a damaged tail.

The cuttings or damage tiles that grow after tiling can also be used very well. Divide such pieces into small pieces to make a loose cement material on the roof of the house one after the other so that even if rain water is dripping from your roof immediately. It will turn off and cool the room in summer. This method is called China Mosaic.