Hygiene and sanitation

Hygiene And Sanitation Is So Famous, But Why?


Hygiene and sanitation these two words can be said on both sides of a coin. Where nothing is possible without one thing. Hygiene will be possible only if we are aware of what water sanitation is and what it is. The word sanitation is not limited to just the toilet. Today, we understand the serious meaning of a serious illness like corona, which is closely related to our immune system and life.

Happiness at first reinforces the meaning of this eloquent hygiene and sanitization.

According to the general definition of sanitation and hygiene, it is a healthy habit of the human mind to disinfect and reuse healthy water, food and drink as well as other things used by human beings.

Many of the hygiene habits we learn during our studies or from our parents. There are so many types it’s hard to say.

1.Hand hygiene:Hand hygiene should be done specially before eating, after meals, after going to the toilet. Adopting an ideal method for hand hygiene which can prevent any germs from spreading through our hands into our body. We do hand washing but the method they have is completely wrong.

The space between the fingers, the palm with the thumb and the thumb with the other finger should be used with soap or any other sanitizer containing alcohol.Today, the whole world is taking care of hand hygiene because of the fear of spreading a serious disease like corona.

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2.Dental hygiene:

Dental hygiene is very important to keep our whole body healthy. Most of us only clean our teeth once a day when we wake up in the morning. But if you want to keep your teeth clean, keep brushing even after a meal because our teeth get full of food and after a few hours it becomes. Poison and can damage our body and cause serious diseases like tooth decay, bad breath, pyrexia.

There are many types of toothpaste that can be used to clean teeth for a long time.Also use a shower that can be used to clean the dirt by going to the corners of the mouth. Toothpaste for cleaning teeth contains ingredients like neem, basil, cloves and solt which are very beneficial.

The best way to clean your teeth is not to brush your teeth from left to right, but to clean your teeth thoroughly by rubbing them from top to bottom, inside out and on top of the teeth.

3.Nail cleaning:

Nail cleaning has been around since we were in school. Our fingernails are exposed to many harmful substances during the day. If we don’t cut our nails regularly, the waste in them enters our body when we take food. It is very important to cut it so that it can make us sick.

After cutting the nails, the hands should be washed by rubbing them with hot water. It is not enough to take care of the fingernails. Our toenails should also be trimmed regularly.

4.Hair hygiene: If hair hygiene is not taken care of. It can cause dandruff or alopecia as well as bad smell. Therefore, after washing it with the help of regular shampoo and drying the water. It is advisable to apply an excellent oil that maintains the thickness of good hair roots.

5.Bath hygiene:

Bathing Hygiene It is important that we take regular baths, but the way to do it is to take a quick bath. As it cleanses certain secret parts of our body, resulting in long-term special, scabies or other skin diseases.
Here, skin hygiene comes in the form of bath hygiene.

While bathing, clean the soap by rubbing the armpits, neck or other genitals with a full hand. After that, by cleaning our body thoroughly with a towel and applying the right cream across our body, the health of the skin remains good.

6.Child hygiene:When a child is small, he has no consciousness of his own body, so parents or midwives have to take care of his hygiene while teaching him the path of hygiene.

What is the importance of hygiene and sanitation?

”Stay clean Be cool”The human body is responsible for the onset of disease due to carelessness or lack of awareness towards its hygiene.

The habit of drinking dirty water is responsible for diseases like diarrhea and cholera.
There are many water filter machines that clean and clean the water as per the requirement of our house and meet the requirement of drinking water.
Chlorination is required to sanitize drinking water.

Drinking unclean water causes diseases like gallstones and dental disease. Especially people living along the coast who use ground water for drinking produce kidney stones. The RO plant should be set up to solve this problem even if the beach is saline with groundwater.

For the people living in the city, drinking water comes from a large reservoir. In the rains, new water comes in such reservoirs which are contaminated with water such as diarrhea, hair loss, jaundice or jaundice. So to get pure water at this time, install aquaguard in your house so that you and your family can have pure drinking water.

Sanitation must bring literacy for personal hygiene and personal hygiene.
Only if a human being is literate will he learn to think cleanly and seriously. Raising a special female education as she raises the child. And if he gives the sacrament of cleanliness in the foundation, then the next generation will be able to sanitize.

An organization called Wasmo has done a lot of work to get clean drinking water, which is a very questionable job. Only water with the prescribed pH of water is required for health.

”Sanitation and hygiene must be seriously considered if human beings are to achieve the dream of development.”